National blog with a friend day

Yeah, it sure is! So me and my superfreakingawesome friend Olivia got together to post random photos of random things we love. So here goes :)

O: The Andes Mountains are really pretty in this picture :) (but it probably isn’t that realistic!)

R: If there were stairs like this by my work, I would want to go every day!!

O: I wish all giraffes looked like this!!!

R: This is how I feel today. Jussayin.

Toodles. Rissa & Olivia :D

Jelly Belly

…Jelly Beans are the official cure for my current life situation. I get off school and go home to change my clothes & go to work and then come home at 8 to do schoolwork. See the problem? Gahhh there’s not much fun worked into that schedule… So that’s when the Jelly Beans come into play!! If I just munch on them walking home from work and while I’m doing my schoolwork, they keep me awake and spunky and ready to tackle any U.S. History primary source or assignment of Algebra 2 problems.

The Jelly Beans also wake me up enough to deal with the issue of my slightly-hibernating blog. I don’t post very often, do I? Well maybe at night after work while I’m doing my schoolwork I’ll make that my time to blog. I like that plan. It’s working so far!

By the way, my camera is momentarily lost and my phone broke lastnight, so that’s why neither of the photos are mine. Trust me, if I took a picture of me right now my smile would be so huge from all the Jelly Bean sugar that you’d think I was high or something. So maybe no photos is a good thing ;)

Apparently being hyped up on sugar makes my attention span even shorter than it’s usual chipmunk-like length…

Today’s random thing is some cool news for you. I can slackline! And I’m not so bad at it either :) There are a gazillion awesome things about slacklining, but a few are that

1. You have to be in like a complete zen zone while you’re doing it, so it forces all the things you’re worrying about out of your head.

2. It’s so fun and you can just goof of while you’re doing it (well, while keeping your complete balance) but it’s a disguised leg & core workout!

I didn’t forget you & OH so cute

I didn’t forget you, it’s just that school swallowed me up for a week!

Earlier tonight I was working on homework (of course… it’s almost neverending) and decided it was time to stop when I wrote X<=5 on my Algebra 2 homework. Like what does that even mean?? I’m getting a little worn down already…

But on a happy note-

Little boy’s growing up! :)

And on a simply adorable note-

this is how it should be (source)

I don’t have much else to say, besides I NEED MORE SLEEP. Goodnight :)

Gluten- and Dairy-Free Amazingness

I’m pretty sensitive to gluten and dairy, so I really try to stay away from it. Whenever someone finds that out about me, he/she’s all “OMG that sucks!” But wow–there are still amazing things to eat despite my sensitivities. Like this-

It was the best after-school snack I have ever had. I came home from my first day of school to snuggle with my kitty, and then got crackin on some absolute deliciousness (above :).

She loves me, I promise.

And she’s such a model. Do you see that look she’s giving the camera??

Anyways, I had leftover Mexican food from Peublo Viejo, so I chopped it up and fried it with an egg. I ate it with some gluten-free toast, too because everything is better with toast :) So all together it included an egg, green onions, chicken, mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes, and some yummy sauce that the restaurant had soaked it in.

And I don’t feel like I’m missing out on food at all because of almond milk. YUM. Seriously, add some stevia to it and it’s not a drink anymore. It totally becomes a dessert! You can drink it with your meal and no one will know that you’re breaking the rules by having your dessert and entree at the same time.

Running Longer & Junior Year

Yay! Well, scratch that whining out of my fitness update post. Cuz lastnight I think I ran like 3 miles! And I barely ever stopped. I am so proud of myself :)

But the part that stinks is that I don’t know how far I really went since my little pedometer does NOT measure accurately at all. Now I totally realize why I need a gps watch. Now I just have to get $$$…

On a different note, school starts tomorrow. And I’m ready :)

I have my bag packed,

and I’m excited for my Junior year!!

Creative Writing

Not very many people know this about me, but I like creative writing. So I was glad during summer school when I was told to write whatever story I wanted as long as it followed a theme of “Ending”. The following is the result and for the record, it’s not fiction.

Her daddy was fighting with mommy all morning, and now the little blonde child stands at the screen door, looking out at the road. Cool morning air – her absolute favorite – blows onto her face and makes her smile. That smile gradually disappears as she thinks about her daddy.

Kindergarten starts in a few days. And being at school all day will be much better than being at home all day with daddy. He hurts her and tells her to be quiet, “Don’t tell anyone that I did this to you, kay? Never tell, kay?” Ya, daddy. “Kay, give me a big kiss, big girl! Good girl.”

This morning, he poured the extra pancake batter mommy had made for him down the drain.

“For all I know you could’ve poisoned it.”

Mommy wouldn’t do that. Mommy was always trying to do the right thing for him, even though he was always yelling, always mad, taking his anger out on her and sissy.

“Daddy doesn’t mean it, he’s just mad,” sissy says after really bad times.

Then how come he’s always mad? the little blonde girl thinks.

Daddy left and drove really fast down the road in the blue truck, his Datsun. He had that crazy look on his face, when he’s so mad he doesn’t even know what to do. She hates that look. He has it too often.

Mommy’s on the phone with someone, maybe the neighbor. Apparently “now’s the time”. Time for what? Oh well, mommy will keep her and sissy safe, she knows it. She turns as mommy disappears down the tiny hallway.

“Okay, girls. We’re going to go to a safe place. Well it’s actually called the safe house. It is a safe house. It’ll be okay.”

It seems like sissy knows a lot more about what’s going on than she does. So she still stands by the door waiting for daddy to come back, and waiting for mommy to explain more.

“Get your backpacks and start packing, because we’re going to be staying there. Don’t know how long… Rissa, can you pack your favorite clothes and toys?”

She finally walks away from the front door, but turns back really quick to make sure daddy isn’t back yet, because now it seems like since they’re running away from daddy, so he better not come back right now. If he knew they were leaving he’d be mad at mommy again, and be yelling, and she and sissy would have to hide in their bedroom again. Then they definitely wouldn’t be able to get away. Now that they were leaving daddy, would that end? And were they leaving daddy for forever?

“Hun, you can’t take all your baby dolls. Now there’s not enough room for your clothes! Pick your favorite babies, and I’ll get your clothes.”

She takes the fattest one with the chubby cheeks and the little skinny one that has purple flowers on it. Then she just stands there, holding the dollies to her chest and hoping this will all be over with soon.

And it did end soon, because they all hopped into the car and mommy got downtown to the safe house, which ended up being less of a house than the little girl had expected.

They got lost once on the way, and when mommy pulled the car over into an unfamiliar parking lot the little girl thought daddy was going to catch up with them and take them back home.

But they ended up safe, at a building where other moms and kids were staying. They unpacked as soon as they could in a little white room with two beds and a closet. The little girl put her baby dolls on a clean white shelf then took a big breath and walked to the bedroom door and looked out, wondering what life was going to be like now. Though it was the end of living with daddy, it felt more like the beginning of being without daddy.

Fitness Update

Hey, how do you all like the blog’s new look? I’m pretty fond of it!

Monthly check-in. I:

am 5′ 7”.

weigh just around 136 pounds, like normal :/

have a BMI of 23.1.

can only run about 1/2 a mile at a time!!!


All of my measurements are pretty average, which I’m happy about.

I am trying so, so hard to run longer. I’m stuck on little 1 or 2 mile runs, and my motivation goes wayyy down when I see other bloggers say something like, “Today’s run was 8 miles! No big deal, it felt good…” Like, really? Will I ever be that? It’s not that I’m “big” so it’s hard for me to run. No, not at all. It’s just my muscles get tired so quickly, what with my remaining scoliosis and all.

I’m not really happy with my body still, because I want it to be more toned all over. I think my love of yoga & continuing to run will do the trick, as long as I pair it all with strengthening exercises!

Also, to get rid of a little excess flab, I plan on cutting my food portions back a bit since I tend to eat until I’m full. Which is a silly thing to do since you feel less sluggish if you don’t stuff yourself full when you eat!

Oh, and less Starbucks runs… I’ll save those for when I meet up with friends :)

I wish I had more photos to put in this post, but this will have to do. I’ll make up for it later!

A Health & Beauty & Happiness Day

Simple pleasures that make you feel like you’re a little kid again. I wish life was completely made up of things like these…

Like my kitty. And my polka dotty sweats.

And crocheting–especially blankets like this!

And my new bangs.


And this shirt. Like seriously who doesn’t absolutely love Audrey Hepburn??


And how my nephew was so proud of himself when he put my headband on by himself :)


And this.

Now I want to talk about my current two favorite skincare products.

First, there’s my foundation because it’s been my favorite all summer long. My skin is a little weird–it’s kind of a combination because it’s sensitive but sometimes it has a tendency to be oily and it’s flaky sometimes too… So I love this makeup because it’s “Clean” (by Covergirl) for sensitive skin. Perfect.

And for my morning moisturizer, I figured out that I don’t want to weigh down my skin with a cream or even a regular face lotion. So now I found the absolute #1 perfect thing ever for this.

There’s this stuff called sodium PCA, which is the concentrated solution of the sodium salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid.
Okay, what?
Yeah, I can barely pronounce it, and I bet you’re as clueless as me about what the heck it is.

Basically, it’s just a “moisturizing factor found in human skin” like it says on the back of the bottle. Also, I just about did a happy dance in the middle of Natural Grocers when I read “…it will not clog pores…”. It’s less than $10 for an 8 oz. bottle that lasts a while. And another plus about this Na-PCA stuff is that it feels so, so refreshing when you put it on.

You can just spray it all over yourself after a shower and it keeps your skin hydrated. If you want to put it on your face, like I do, just spray it on your hands, then pat it on. I’m a little obsessed with it’s awesomeness right now so that’s why I’m just ranting and raving about it right now! And no, I didn’t get paid or anything to say how cool it is. Just for the record. :) It really is this amazing.