Pilates & Running

Yup, both in the same day. This is my outfit today because my sports bra is oh-so-freaking-comfortable! I woke up late and then went to Home Depot with my mom & nephew in my workout clothes. I didn’t feel as bad about it when I saw another lady in her workout clothes…

awesome purple shorts ;) sure, I’ll be your fashion consultant! jk!

When we got back home, it was way too hot out for a run (this is when I wish I had a treadmill!!) so I did Pilates/Yoga. On a VHS. Yeah, those old things :)

A funny random thing about my cat- she refuses to look at cameras. When you point it at her, she looks away even if you’re being sneaky about it. And as soon as you point it away from her she looks straight at you!

Mandy did some Pilates too…

After Pilates I felt so energized I just HAD to go on a run, even if I melted into the sidewalk… So I did just a little one, and it was so worth it :

And since I feel so awesome today I’m going on a bike ride later!

What about YOU?

  • Have you ever decided it was going to be a cross training day and then really wanted to run anyways?
  • Do you ever do Pilates?
  • What about yoga? I loooove yoga!!!


One thought on “Pilates & Running

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